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Engagement photos are amazing - and not always for the reason you think they are. Sure, they let us take pictures of you for you invites, or your save the dates, they let us get more photos of you, but that isn't why I love them, and that isn't why I include them in every wedding package. But regardless of what photographer you go with, you should always make a concerted effort to also have them do your engagement photos. So let's talk about the 4 reasons why everyone should have engagement photos.

1. They are awesome on your wedding day. - This is the obvious one. Having engagement photos is pretty great on your wedding day and the days coming up to it. Having some amazing photos you that you can use In things like save the dates and your invites is amazing. But they also are great for other things, such as making a photo guest book for people to sign (so perhaps you'll actually LOOK at the guest book in the future) or even putting them on each table with a random fact about you. It's always great to have some amazing photos of you ahead of your wedding day.

2. We get some amazing photos of you NOT in your wedding dress and tux - Most people don't think of this, but the thing is, when we take photos just on your wedding day, we get a lot of photos that look like they were taken on your wedding day (duh!) but the value of getting some photos of you wearing clothes that you wear, looking like you look, in a place that you love is amazing. It's uniquely you, and can say so much more about you. It also doesn't set that photo in a place and time, that is to say, it isn't obviously "on your wedding day". It could have been last summer, or the one three years ago.

3. They give you variety - On your wedding day you'll have several things going on, what you probably won't have time for is a two hour session at the perfect time of day, at a place you love. Most likely, you'll be getting married. So engagement photos let's us capture you at the best time, in a place that isn't your wedding venue. Maybe you love the lake, but your getting married on a mountain? Well, let's do engagement photos on the lake! It gives you things that you otherwise couldn’t' get, or have time to get, on your wedding day.

4. They let us work together ahead of time - This is the reason I include engagement photos in every wedding package. I want to work with you ahead of time. I want to answer the questions everyone has before they get their photos take: "What do I do with my hands?" "Is the photographer going to be weird?" "Do I need to come up with my own ideas, or will he give me direction?" "Will I be comfortable?" There are so many questions, so many things that cause anxiety about photos that I would love for you to not have those questions on your wedding day. I want you to be comfortable, for us to have a form of relationship, and for you to know that you look great in these photos. That translates to more fun, more energy, and better looking wedding photos.