Inspiration & Tips

We are huge fans of fall weddings here at Apple Brides. There is something so cozy and romantic about saying “I do” when there’s a bit of a chill in the air! That being said, there are a few things that you must consider if you plan to have your wedding during those autumn months.

  1. Book In Advance

You may think you’re dodging a bullet by planning a fall wedding and that more vendors will be available compared to the summer. But did you know that September and October have officially surpassed the summer months in popularity for weddings? It’s essential that you book your full suite of wedding pros early to secure the ones you love most! (Also, it could save you money! If vendors do a price increase, it typically happens in January - so booking before then could lock you in at a lower rate!)

  1. Decide How “Fall” You Want Your Day To Be

Do you want pumpkins and fall foliage galore or are you thinking about sticking with a more traditional color palette? Both are certainly do-able for fall weddings, but it will impact your decisions about your venue, bridesmaid dresses, and florals. On that note - consider that floral selection can be more limited (or expensive) during this time and talk to your florist about what options you have in your desired color palette. 

  1. Factor In Weather

Weather becomes an even more essential detail during the volatile fall months. It’s not impossible to have an outdoor fall wedding in the Northwest, but it will call for a flawless back up plan. (This is one of those times where hiring a Wedding Coordinator will save your day!) It also requires great communication to your guests - make sure they know to expect a possible chill and plan accordingly!

  1. Timing Of Your Day-Of Schedule

Sunset is significantly earlier during this time of the year - so be sure to factor that in when planning your schedule. If you want to grab those dreamy golden-hour shots you’ll probably need to sneak away as early as 5 pm.

  1. Scout Photo Locations The Year Before

As you very well know, landscapes change drastically in our area during the fall. If you want to capture some of that incredible foliage in your wedding photos, you’ll want to know exactly which locations in the area are best. If you missed the window the year before, ask the venue to see photos from other weddings during the fall so you can get some idea of what you’re in for!