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Every wedding has a budget, and trust us when we say it's not easy to stay within those bounds! Eventually, some things just have to give. However, we cannot stress enough that should not include your cinematography! We hear all the time from brides that the videos are their favorite keepsake from their wedding day. Once you see these videos from Killer Creations and read their stories about each day, you'll totally be able to understand how this can easily be the most important aspect of your planning.

Wedding planning can be hard and staying within a budget? Don’t even get me started. I’m planning mine for June and am already overwhelmed by Pinterest boards. One thing I have noticed through my journey is that cinematography can often be one of the first vendors that get crossed off the list when needing to trim for a budget. We want to fight to break that stigma and show couple’s the value of a wedding film.

We have picked out some of our favorite events to showcase some examples of how we work with our clients to craft unique wedding films. Being able to hear your fiance’s vows being said to you and the words of advice your family gives you both are worth more value than anything else in that budget. Everyone is going to tell you “It’s all going to go by so fast!” If you have spent so much money on one single day, why wouldn’t you want it filmed to re-live multiple times and see the moments you missed the first time around?

Killer Creations headed up to British Columbia, Canada for this stunning couple. A lot of clients in the Northwest understand the value of a small, budget friendly, wedding. This bride andgroom are a perfect example of the beauty that can still be created on a smaller budget. Their ceremony and reception was at a private AirBNB surrounded by their closest friends and family. This film has become one of our favorites because it shows the value of cinematography even when your budget is smaller. Cinematography is long lasting and when the flowers are gone and the center pieces are put away, your film will still be there to re-live the moment you expressed your vows to your husband.

We got to spend a little more time with our Montana couple. We went to Montana a day early and it really shows in their Feature Film. We call this our Adventure Collection because we take the bride and groom out the day before hand to capture beautiful footage of them with fantastic scenery in the background. We have no location limit and push for the more adventure, the better! We want to showcase our couple’s in the most cinematic and candid way. There is often not enough time during the hustle and bustle of a wedding day and allowing your videographer to arrive a day early to spend a little extra time on you and on the venue will add a lot to your films. We don’t just film the couple, we focus on the area and venue to achieve new levels in our cinematic films.

This couple blew us away when we arrived in Sandpoint, Idaho for this destination wedding. If you are looking for an example of an elegant lakeside wedding, look no further. This is one of our favorite examples of an sophisticated cultural wedding with beauty and charm around every corner. We loved being able to go all out for this lovely couple and create a film full of memories that will now never be forgotten.

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