Planning Tips

We hear you. You just wish your partner would TRY to care about which shade of lavender ribbon is going to go on the flower girl baskets. IT MATTERS, OKAY?! Maybe that's a little extreme, but you get the idea. Planning a wedding is a big undertaking that means a lot to both of you, so it's normal to want equal input and participating from your soon-to-be-spouse. However, when that involves things like deciding between pale pink and blush pink, or whether to have peonies or roses in your bouquet, it can be easier said than done. So, we have a few ideas to help get your groom involved, and excited, about wedding planning!
  1. Is he great with numbers and logical details? Put him in charge of making the Excel spreadsheet to end all spreadsheets and keep track of the budget! Helping to keep things on track and working with numbers will involve him, and help you.
  2. Is he great with his hands and power tools? Wedding DIYs here you come! He can make that Pinterest welcome sign you loved, or cute pallet signs for the bar. Doing small wedding crafts together is a great way to bond, and take advantage of your groom's handyman skills!
  3. Is he excited about that open bar? Have him decide which liquors and drinks you will serve on the big day! Who doesn't get excited about whiskey and wine tasting?
  4. Get his opinions on the dude's duds. While you may love the idea of a blush bowtie with a pink feather boutonniere, that may not quite be his style. Ask his opinion on what he and his friends will be most comfortable in to ensure that everyone is happy.
  5. Plan the honeymoon! Hello most romantic surprise ever!
If all else fails, figure out what your guy is excited about. If he's a foodie and you like whatever, put him in charge of the menu. If he's into photography, have him make a must-have photo list. It's all about figuring out what he's most excited about, and giving him a hand in the overall picture.

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